About Us

The Can Do Duck books are positive, motivational children's books written by Ducktor Morty with the help of his family.  These books help children (and adults) learn to believe in themselves and learn to work with others.  Ducktor Morty, M.D., is a child and adult psychiatrist who works in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The Can Do Duck books were illustrated by his children and wife, who is a child psychologist. Ducktor Morty is a pseudonym that he uses to differentiate his work from his writing.

A note from Ducktor Morty,

Writing these books has been fun for our family and they've inspired us to believe that we can do what we put our minds to. We hope that they'll inspire you as well. I wrote the stories and my daughters drew the pictures. My wife, a child psychologist helped with the positive messages and drawings.

These books have been used in schools across the country. The books have inspired a book club with children doing good deeds and there's a literacy program that has its very own live Can Do Duck mascot. The books have given hope to children after hurricanes. One of the books was made into a puppet show by relief workers in Mississippi. They've also inspired adults and we hope they've helped many, many children overcome their fears and accomplish their goals. Coaches have used the books for their teams. Parents and grandparents have purchased the books for young children as well as adult children who they wanted to benefit from The Can Do Duck message.  ​"We say we can. We make a plan. We get right to it. And then we do it!"         

We hope that The Can Do Duck books inspire you and your children like they have inspired us and others. These books will help your children grow as they have helped countless others grow.  Read them to your children and watch the magic unfold! One of my favorite things about writing these books is hearing about successes children and adults have had with them. We'd love to hear about your successes with your Can Do Duck attitudes.  Remember, you can do it!     

CanDoDuckly Yours, 

Ducktor Morty