The Can Do Duck

In this timeless, inspirational tale written by a father and illustrated by his children and wife, the duck and the reader learn that they can do what they put their minds to! This book has already helped thousands of children and adults around the world go for their goals and achieve their dreams. This book teaches positive self-talk using visual imagery to overcome fears and the value of unconditional love. Ducktor Morty, M.D. is a child psychiatrist who practices using the Can Do Duck philosophy in his work and with his family.   


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We'd love to hear what you think and how you plan to use the book.  We've just added another FREE DOWNLOAD...Can Do's Attitude of Gratitude: A Story About Appreciation and Giving. It's a longer book with a great message...let us know what you think.   It still has the classic black and white drawings but we'll work on color drawings soon.  And we have one more free downloadable book in English and Spanish below...Can Do and the Storm...Lo Puedo Y La Tormenta

Can Do's Attitude of Gratitude

 This inspirational book is about appreciating what you have and giving to others. Its message is important for any age, child or adult, human, duck or whale. Can Do's Attitude of Gratitude is a rhyming chapter book for the more experienced reader.  

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Can Do and the Storm

Can Do and the Storm: A Story About New Beginnings is an easy-to-read book about learning to cope with the effects of a hurricane or other natural disaster. It was written by a child psychiatrist and his wife, a child psychologist, who specialize in helping children deal with traumatic events.  At a time when so many people are suffering the devastating effects of natural disasters on their communities, we hope that this simple story may offer some small comfort and hope for a brighter future.  


Lo Puedo Y La Tormenta

Lo Puedo y La Tormenta Una Historia sobre Comienzos Nuevos  Éste es un cuento que relata las experiencias de unos animales muy valientes que sobrellevan el impacto de un huracán y aprenden que juntos pueden enfrentarse a cualquier adversidad.   Ducktor Morty (Sosland), M.D. es psiquiatra infantil y Esther Deblinger, Ph.D. es psicóloga clínica. Arielle y Sarah Sosland son sus hijas y ellas ilustraron el libro con sus dibujos cuando eran niñas pequeñas. Yahaira Márquez, Ph.D es una psicóloga nacida y criada en Puerto Rico. Este libro fue originalmente escrito después del Huracán Katrina y ha sido distribuido libre de costo a niños y niñas que han experimentado huracanes y tormentas. La Dra. Márquez ha adaptado y traducido este libro para Puerto Rico.