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Can Do and the Storm: A Story About New Beginnings


 Are you looking for a hurricane book or storm book for children?  This book can help!   

CAN DO AND THE STORM   A Story About New Beginnings  was written to help young children cope with the effects of a hurricane or other storm. It is an easy-to-read hurricane book or storm book for children. It was written by a child psychiatrist and his wife, a child psychologist who specializes in helping children deal with traumatic events.            

We offer this book in the hope that it may help families with young children cope with the after effects of natural disasters. The book can be printed out for FREE HERE in black and white and used as a coloring book. It is also available as a color Ebook for $0.99 on (That's the cheapest we can offer it.) The author donates all of his proceeds.  The book on the left is more specific to hurricanes than the one on the left which is about all storms.


     At a time when so many people are suffering the devastating affects of recent hurricanes and storms on their families and communities, we hope that this simple children's book may offer some small comfort and hope for a brighter future.

       Just a few years ago, Can Do and the Storm was distributed FREE to 30,000 children and families in Mississippi by Project Recovery! Project Recovery gave out the books door-to-door in libraries, churches, and daycare centers. They even created a puppet show based on the book.      

       Project Recovery was a program that provided free crisis counseling services and was a division of the Mississippi Department of Mental Health. They were funded through a grant from FEMA and facilitated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. They used the books as part of their hurricane season preparedness program and to help children cope with the effects of Hurricane Katrina.

      "The books were great! Everyone was thrilled with the results. Several of our Outreach Workers adapted the story into a small puppet show which the kids loved! Summer library programs were the target for the puppet show. After the show, they distributed the books. We distributed 30,000 all over the state of Mississippi, focusing on the GulfCoast," - Wendy Bailey, Project Recovery.

      And after Hurricane Sandy, a wonderful organization in New Jersey began distributing Can Do And The Storm coloring books to children who were affected by the storm. In 2013, the Butterfly Circle of Friends distributed thousands of books to schools and community centers to help children and families heal.   "Thank you Ducktor Morty for allowing the Butterfly Circle of Friends to print copies of "Can Do and the Storm" to distribute at a Thanksgiving dinner for families affected by Hurricane Sandy. I believe your book is a great tool to help adults and children express how they are feeling and will help them with the grieving process as they move forward with their lives."  - Ida Gonzalez, Butterfly Circle of Friends, Please visit their website to view the important work they are doing in memory of Ida's son, Spc. Michael L. Gonzalez.


"Can Do And The Storm should bring comfort and hope to kids.  The text, which is rhymed, makes serious topics fun to read, as Can Do attacks the problems of being homeless, finding shelter, getting food and water, and losing track of a parent.  Illustrated by the authors' daughters, the book will certainly appeal to young children." - Dr. Marciene Mattleman, Education Reporter, KYW News Radio

       "The story uses endearing animals to cover the often traumatic events that are experienced during and following a natural disaster.  Not only does this book provide an entertaining story for a child, but it also gives parents/caregivers, teachers, and therapists an opportunity to begin talking in a non-threatening way, about the feelings a child is experiencing.  This book will help build a sense of hope in children who have faced hurricanes and will hopefully be a fun and beneficial way for kids to think about, talk about, and grow from their experiences."

      - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, SAMHSA website

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