I say I can. I make a plan. I get right to it. And then I do it! -The Can Do Duck

Can Do Duck Books

The Can Do Duck: A Story About Believing In Yourself


In this timeless, inspirational tale written by a father and illustrated by his children and wife, the duck and the reader learn that they can what they put their minds to! This book has already helped thousands of children and adults around the world go for their goals and achieve their dreams. This book teaches positive self-talk using visual imagery to overcome fears and the value of unconditional love. Ducktor Morty, M.D. is a child psychiatrist who practices using the Can Do Duck philosophy in his work and with his family.    ​   

 "I say I can. I make a plan. I get right to it. And then I do it!"

"This book is a gem!  It is heartwarming, affirming, and child-centered.  If this were a perfect world, every parent and teacher would have this book and sit down with a child and see the magic and growth that would come from it." - Linda Solomon-Johnston, Teacher for 24 years       

 "A success story!  Our 7-year-old daughter was learning to dive.  She couldn't do it at first and went home feeling defeated.   After reading The Can Do Duck, we returned to the swimming pool.   Together, we chanted the words, "I say I can.  I make a plan.  I get right to it.  And then I do it!"  and she dived right it.  Thank you, Ducktor Morty.  Anyone young or old who wants to achieve anything big or small should read this book!"" - Karen and Steve Meskin, M.D., Family Doctor  ​     

 "When I received this wonderful book my sons and I sat down and read it that evening. My oldest son and I read at least 20 minutes a night for school. We all enjoyed it so much that I can't possibly tell you! My 7 year old is starting soccer for the first time, and I used this book to help encourage him not to be worried about being the new kid on the team:)  It has an awesome message that every parent should teach their children. That you can do anything you want if you set your mind to it.  I can't thank the author enough for writing this wonderful book. We will continue to read it over and over!  We also love the illustrations :)" - Sarah, Mother of two boys


Can Do and the Storm: A Story About New Beginnings


  Can Do and the Storm: A Story About New Beginnings was written to help young children cope with the effects of a hurricane or other storm. It is an easy-to-read hurricane book or storm book for children. It was written by a child psychiatrist and his wife, a child psychologist who specializes in helping children deal with traumatic events.  At a time when so many people are suffering the devastating affects of recent hurricanes and storms on their families and communities, we hope that this simple children's book may offer some small comfort and hope for a brighter future.    Just a few years ago, Can Do and the Storm was distributed FREE to 30,000 children and families in Mississippi by Project Recovery! Project Recovery gave out the books door-to-door in libraries, churches, and daycare centers. They even created a puppet show based on the book.     Project Recovery was a program that provided free crisis counseling services and was a division of the Mississippi Department of Mental Health. They were funded through a grant from FEMA and facilitated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. They used the books as part of their hurricane season preparedness program and to help children cope with the effects of Hurricane Katrina.      "The books were great! Everyone was thrilled with the results. Several of our Outreach Workers adapted the story into a small puppet show which the kids loved! Summer library programs were the target for the puppet show. After the show, they distributed the books. We distributed 30,000 all over the state of Mississippi, focusing on the GulfCoast," - Wendy Bailey, Project Recovery.         

After Hurricane Sandy, a wonderful organization in New Jersey began distributing Can Do And The Storm coloring books to children who were affected by the storm. In 2013, the Butterfly Circle of Friends distributed thousands of books to schools and community centers to help children and families heal.   "Thank you Ducktor Morty for allowing the Butterfly Circle of Friends to print copies of "Can Do and the Storm" to distribute at a Thanksgiving dinner for families affected by Hurricane Sandy. I believe your book is a great tool to help adults and children express how they are feeling and will help them with the grieving process as they move forward with their lives."  - Ida Gonzalez.  Butterfly Circle of Friends, Please visit their website to view the important work they are doing in memory of Ida's son, Spc. Michael L. Gonzalez.


Can Do and Friends to the Rescue: A Story About Getting Along and Working Together


The second exciting Can Do Duck book about working with others who are different and about believing in ourselves.

"Ducktor Morty has done it again! If every child could sit down and read this book, we wouldn't have half the problems we do today."    - Linda Solomon-Johnston, Teacher for 24 years           

"This wonderful book gives parents and educators the opportunity to help children in many areas.  It introduces children to many of the components of being good citizens -- community involvement, collaboration, tolerance, and protecting the environment.  This book will really make a difference in your child."  - Joanne O. Flint, Mother of five, Child Advocate


Can Do's Attitude of Gratitude


This book is the inspiring fourth book in the Can Do Duck series. It is a special book that teaches important life lessons about appreciating what you have and giving to others. Its message is important for any age child or adult. This is a bit more advanced book than the others.  It is a rhyming chapter book for the more experienced reader (who wants to read a book with chapters.)  If you buy all three books, your reader can start with the easier books and then move up to this book.

"It was very inspiring to me. There was a message in every paragraph. I think it's beautiful and fabulous!"   - Elissa Paparone                                        

  ​"The message is so timely and appropriate. This is a great way to begin at a very young age to share with our children how to appreciate everything they have and to be able to say "thank you." An attitude of gratefulness and thankfulness is so important in today's society. It can be so easy to focus on what one does not have rather than focus on all that we do have. This book is great way to also share with our children that giving is not always connected to just material things. When we give of our time and talents we are helping others. And when there is a great need, if we all share together, we are more likely to meet the need. Even those of us who have the least, can always find a way to share a part of who we are with others in need. This book would have been an asset to share with our children as we tried to put into practice the idea of giving and the joy one receives from giving. Thank you for sharing your newest book with me and for taking an interest in our school and children."  ​- Carol Barineau, retired elementary school principal Tallahassee, Florida